Hot day that won’t quit being hot? Make this cold dish full of fresh veggies! It’s super simple and can be tweaked in so many ways it’s almost not even a recipe.

Noodles 1.jpg



Red Cabbage


Tofu or tempeh of some kind



Peanuts (for garnish)

Fresh herbs - mint, cilantro, Thai basil are all delicious.



White vinegar

Fish sauce (can be omitted, or use vegan alternative)

Lime juice


Red Pepper flakes


1 package of Lotus Foods Rice Ramen - I used wakame and brown rice in vegetable broth.




Cutting board + knife


Olive oil or butter


  1. SLICE and dice all of your veggies. I cut them super super thin so they can absorb more of the yummy sauce.

  2. CUT up your tofu or tempeh, and fry it on high heat in oil. Don’t use too much oil, because you’re going to use this same pan to boil water in later and dont want a big ol’ mess.

  3. MIX sauce ingredients while the protein is cooking. I dump everything into a mason jar and add more of the ingredients to get the flavor I’m going for. close the lid and give it a good shake!

  4. SET aside all of your yummy ingredients on a plate.

  5. BOIL water in your same pan (yay! less dishes!) for a few minutes, then add in the noodles. Cook for 4 minutes or less, then drain the water into your grey water catch. Add the seasoning from the package, I used about half, and some of your sauce so the noodles don’t stick together.

  6. COMBINE all ingredients in a fancy display or toss them all in a big bowl.

  7. GARNISH with fresh herbs if you brought them, and chopped peanuts, and squeeze some lime over the top of the entire dish.

  8. EAT!

Prep station views.

Prep station views.

Tempeh getting its fry thing going.

Tempeh getting its fry thing going.

Had to move inside because the wind was knocking me over.

Had to move inside because the wind was knocking me over.

noodle bite.jpg

The most colorful and fresh little bite!