What type of dogs are those cuties?

Jasper is, mostly, Alaskan Malamute and Husky. He was purchased from a breeder from his previous owner as such, and that owner surrendered him to a breed specific rescue organization. Osa is the true definition of a mutt, but our best guesses are German Shepherd, Irish Setter, Malamute, etc. etc. etc mix. 

How did you get so lucky in adopting?

As much as I tease that twice Ry came home from work to find a new pup in our home, that really isn't the case. I did a lot of research on breeds and characteristics and took time to read bios of a LOT of different fluff balls. When I met Osa I was volunteering at the shelter she was housed in, I went in to take her on a walk and, as cliche as it sounds, I just knew. With Jasper there was an extensive application process with his foster family to see who would be the best fit. My biggest suggestion for those looking into adopting a new pet is to take. your. time. 


how often do you hike

Depending on the time of year the answer to this question can change, but without fail we hike at least 3 times a week on shorter trails closer to the city (check out the posts about Jack's and Neff's) and one big guy over the weekend. 

portland to slc? explain yourself.

My husband was accepted into a fellowship program at the University of Utah a year into our marriage. I am always up for a new setting and with all of the amazing outdoor opportunities that Utah has to offer I was definitely along for the ride. 

Speaking of ry, is he as great as he seems?

No. He's better. Ry is the most patient and caring human on this planet, and that's not my review that's what everyone who has met him will tell you. He works his tail off for long, long hours and has never once hesitated to jump in the car and head into the mountains with me the second he walks in the door after a long week.