I saw Osa while making my rounds as a volunteer dog walker for the Oregon Human Society. I stopped dead in my tracks as a strolled past her kennel and knew I wanted in. I quickly checked her information card to ensure it was safe to proceed and when I found nothing alarming I hurriedly unlocked the padlock that was keeping me from this beauty. Following my training I calmly stepped into her enclosure and sat on the ground. I am respectfully hesitant around dogs I do not know and this dog in particular was listed as a second chance dog that was returned once from a home due to aggressive behavior so that upped my apprehensions a bit. When I tucked into my criss cross apple sauce position if I had any thoughts of 'please don't bite me' they were completely drowned out by the thoughts of  'please like me please like me please like me'. Like may have been an understatement. Almost immediately I felt all 60 lbs of this German shepherd mutt in my lap. I didn't stand a chance, Osa was coming home with me. 

Osa is around five years old and is a true mutt but her predominant breeds are German Shepherd, Alaskan Malamute, and Irish Setter. Her previous owners named her Anicca, the Pali word for impermanent. We decided that this no longer fit her as she now had a permanent place in our home and hearts and after bouncing ideas around while watching her bounce around our yard we decided on Little Bear, or Osita, Osa for short, altho she responds to just about anything if you have a treat in your hands.