I moved to Salt Lake three weeks ago. It took two uneventful days to get here from Portland save for a minor flu bug but what's a road trip without cold sweats. Our new home looks like a dilapidated lodge complete with a rickety deck and non functional fireplace. The roof leaks and the ripped up office carpet covers each room and continues into the bathroom (gag). Lucky for me there is a second bathroom in the basement where it is just cave like enough for my towels to pick up a powerful mildew smell after just one use. Here's the thing about all of that though, none of it matters. If this place were in Portland it would have been unattainable with our single income status and it sure as shit wouldn't have been nestled right up against a mountain range. The mountains, the mountains, holy shit these fucking MOUNTAINS. I have a feeling this blog will swiftly become a diary of my mishaps in the mountains. I have somehow surrounded myself with people who are more inept in the outdoors than I so I have always worn the crown as child of the forest amongst my friends. What a fraud I am. These mountains will certainly expose me. 

Tomorrow I am dipping my freshly polished purple toes into the Wasatch pond with an overnight at South Fork Campground. The site is equipped with a fire ring so I suppose I should remember how to light things on fire that aren't important documents I've left on my stove. I have plans to stick grill some [vegetarian] brats and boil water for instant potatoes, but will pack a sufficient amount of clif bars and vodka should everything fall the fuck apart; recreation.gov warns that the waterlines aren't working at the site so I shouldn't need much of the latter. 

Fingers crossed somehow the difference between the Uinta's and the Wasatch Mountains will be explained to me soon without me actually having to ask.